Monday, February 21, 2011

4 More Months

4 more months until the end of this school year.

4 more months until our lives turn over again.

4 more months and I won't be trotting around Turkey anymore.

Next, we move to South Korea for an opportunity to build our dream school--which we of course could not pass up. We are moving to the new city being developed called Songdo-dong, a part of Incheon, or also known as New Songdo City, a "free economic zone." Google it. That part will be beyond anything we can imagine. It's also about 45 minutes from downtown Seoul. So, we'll be close to Seoul, yet not in Seoul, which I hope will suit fine.

While I'm trying to prepare myself mentally (making myself consider what true crowds, etc. will literally mean to me) and physically (I've been eating a ton of spicy things--I'm in training. Bring on the hot sauce!), I also know that there is so much I just can't prepare myself for.

And then there's Turkey. We still live here, in Turkey--a fantastic place to live. I think it's vital that we continue to try to stay in the present and all else will work out. I don't want these 4 months to fly by. I want a long, warm spring where we climb lots, see some more new sights, and hopefully even make it down to the Med once more before we pack it all up and bring this chapter to a close.

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