Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ala Dağlar (The Crimson Mountains)

Sweet--our friend Carrie already posted about our vacation! We didn't actually have a charged battery in our camera and so Carrie took all the pictures. So.....since she's a lovely writer and an excellent picture-taker, and possessor of all existing pictures of the vacation, we'll just leave it to her. You can follow this link to read about our fabulous, exciting, relaxing, and awesome climbing road-trip to a magical area. Or, you can access Carrie's blog, Turkish Adventures, on the right side of this blog, under "Who I Read." It was actually Carrie's blog that first convinced us we could probably live in Turkey quite happily. Check her out!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Month

A lot happens in a month when you move to a new country.
We've been a lot busier than expected. And for some reason, I often can't access blogger, which is a BOTHER!

Stories and pictures coming soon on:
  • Our apartment
  • Our school
  • Our car
  • The local crag
  • Istanbul
  • Our first vacation to the Aladağlar
In other news, I will soon be going to a workshop in Dubai! Stay tuned...