Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Afternoon Trail Run

Most afternoons that it's dry, this is where I am. Often, Tim joins me. I cannot even begin to express how fortunate I feel and how thankful I am to have this right beside my house. This is how I keep sane, regroup, and rejuvenate my energy. Oh yeah, and train for races!

It goes on and on like this. A friend of ours here has spent an entire day on these trails and still didn't see it all.

We live on a university campus, flanked by other university campuses. This land we're on, belongs to the university next door, Metu. But no one ever seems to mind that we use it all the time. Other than some wild dog issues in the spring, the only trouble we've had is the clay-like mud that the trails become after several days of rain and cold (basically 3 months of winter). But I remember how long the trails were inaccessible in Colorado, and I must say, I can't complain about a measly 3 months here.

If we're lucky, we see wildlife! We usually see a huge jackrabbit or two and we've seen a fox several times. I've seen a large snake, grouse, and I ALWAYS spot tortoises!

I'm excited to show new staffers this incredible resource and introduce them to my new tortoise friend, Ottis.