Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bali's Nudity

Bali's nudity is really pretty much all that's wrong with her. In less than a week after sugery, she's already putting weight on her leg, she fully extends and bends it herself (she's doing her own physical therapy), her stitches fell out yesterday, and I quit giving her pain meds days ago. This kitty is no longer a tri-pod. She is only 1/2 naked and limping. She's sleeping with us at night (not hiding) and generally letting me mess with her leg.

I'd say that bodes well for how "normal" she'll be when she fully recovers. She's still pretty embarrassed about being naked and her fur will take awhile to grow back in. But if that's all she has to worry about, I'd say we're doing great!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Tri-Pod

Bali got her ACL surgery on Monday, and I must say, she is not complaining much! When we brought her home Monday, she was all growly, and hissy, and we're pretty sure she was not growling at us, but rather at the pain in her leg. But by Tuesday, she was all purry and lovey, and now she's not even struggling when I give her the meds.

They say it'll be 3-4 weeks before she's putting much weight on it, and another 6-8 after that before she's approaching normal. But the kitty is doing well, and maybe things will get better faster for her. What all this means is that we'll be traveling to Turkey with a hurt kitty. Will the import police have a problem with a half shaved, limping kitty, or will they not even notice her? That's the question. I'm banking on them not noticing her. But if they do start poking and prodding, I'm ready to throw a tantrum. Tantrums get you far in many other countries where English is not widely spoken.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Post About Turkey!

We are experiencing our first taste of Turkish bureaucracy as we attempt to procure visas. Because I have bachelor degrees specific to the subjects I will teach (English and Psychology), I will be employed by our school. This means that my paperwork is easy, but it takes a long time to get it. So I only need to show up in Turkey, get a tourist visa there in the airport, and then the school will eventually finish my paperwork and get my work visa.

Tim, though, is different. He will be teaching English as well, which is not what his bachelors degree is in. Therefore, he must be hired by the University. The University will then "lend him" to our school to teach. Because he will work for the University, he must get his work visa here in the States. To get a work visa, you must show up at the embassy--no mailing this stuff in like we did for Ecuador.

Can't wait to see what other convoluted, irrational hoops we'll have to jump through!

We also just bought our first rock guide to Turkey, and, thankfully, it looks like all the silly bureaucracy will be worth it. It definitely gets us excited to go. The areas really look fantastic and are pretty accessible to where we'll be.

About a month to go!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Poor Kitty!

Bali, being the true-blood Coloradan she is, has torn her ACL. We imagine she did it while attempting some sick jump from a window ledge that she didn't calculate just right. That's cool, I mean, she's the first one in a family of skiers to bust her ACL, but she's also the only one without health insurance. Maybe she should have calculated the risk a bit further. But in true Colorado style, she went ahead and tried that epic jump.

Can you imagine what ACL surgery is going to look like for a person that small? I bet her little tendon is maybe a cm long? Anyway, for now, she's a tri-pod kitty, hobbling around the house, missing out on the sweet mountain biking and trail running. But we'll get her back in shape for the winter ski season.